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Harmony Hall Hosts Haunted House Party

Posted on 30 October 2014 by Editor

Harmony Hall is currently in a perfect condition of disrepair for a ghost story party. Local author and paranormal investigator Linda Zimmerman will entertain with strange tales of the supernatural Saturday when the Friends of Harmony Hall host a Haunted House Party on the Day of the Dead. Continue Reading

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Nervous Nita Spends $1M As Angry Suburbanites Sound Off

Posted on 29 October 2014 by Editor

Election day is around the corner, coming this Tuesday, November 4. Rockland’s congressional District 17 representative, Democrat Nita Lowey, has found herself in a tougher race than first anticipated. Chris Day, son of Rockland County Executive Ed Day, has shown himself to be a nimble and tireless political opponent, using digital media to offset Lowey’s huge campaign financial advantage to communicate his message. Continue Reading

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Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee Discusses Ramapo Central Schools State Funding

Posted on 27 October 2014 by Editor

It’s easy to forget that the Ramapo Central School District is a big operation. With five elementary schools, a middle and high school, the Hillburn administration building, plus hundreds of RCSD employees, all supported by a budget of more than 100 million dollars. Continue Reading

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Sloatsburg Readies For 29th Annual Halloween Parade

Posted on 23 October 2014 by Editor

Sloatsburg's Annual Halloween Parade hits the road this Saturday, October 25. / Photo by Geoff Welch

Sloatsburg’s Annual Halloween Parade takes place Saturday, October 25, with walkers due to hit the road promptly at 5 p.m. / Photo by Geoff Welch

Celebrate Saturday when the Village of Sloatsburg hosts its 29th Annual Halloween Parade. The sky should clear from rainy weather with temperatures expected to hover around 60 degrees until sunset. Continue Reading

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Police Chiefs: Don’t Cut Sheriff’s Department

Posted on 21 October 2014 by Editor

NyackFreePresslogoNEW CITY – Rockland County’s police chiefs have called for the county government to reject a plan revealed last week by County Executive Ed Day that would eliminate the Sheriff’s Department’s 37-member police patrol division.

Stony Point Police Chief Brian Moore, president of the Rockland County Police Chiefs Association, issued a statement on behalf of the local police chiefs urging that the cuts proposed by Day not be implemented in the 2015 county budget.


Stony Point Police Chief Brian Moore, president of the Rockland County Police Chiefs Association, speaks against proposed budget cuts to the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department. Included in the group were police and town and village officials from throughout Rockland County.

“His budget proposes the elimination of 37 officers from the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department Patrol Division,” Chief Moore said. “These cuts would cripple Rockland County law enforcement efforts to ensure the public’s safety in Rockland County,” Moore continued, saying that cuts will lead to increased town and village taxes as the cost of providing specialized police services is passed on to taxpayers in their local tax bills.

“It would decimate decades of carefully planned progress in our capabilities to detect, combat and deter crime in and around our county,” Moore said.

The Sheriff’s Department has countywide police jurisdiction.

Day, in his budget presentation on Thursday, called for the elimination of the police patrol division, which on averages puts two patrol cars on the streets per shift. Additionally, his proposal would eliminate the Sheriff’s Mounted Unit. These two units are not required by law for the Sheriff’s Department.

Day contends the police layoffs could be done without losing services that are provided by the Sheriff’s Department, including its crime investigation units, bomb squad, K-9 units and the marine unit that patrols the Hudson River. Rockland Sheriff Louis Falco III, D-Orangetown, who holds countywide elected office, said Rockland County has long had a police patrol unit and that about two-thirds of sheriff’s departments in New York State have a patrol division. The mounted unit has developed over the years to include training programs that are used by police agencies throughout the region – including the State Police and New York City police agencies – to teach police officers mounted techniques. In Rockland County, the Mounted Unit is used to assist local police at large events and parades and has become a regular part of summertime police efforts to cut crime late at night in downtown Nyack, Spring Valley and Haverstraw.

After Day made his proposal, Falco and Rockland police chiefs said that the county executive’s proposal does not take into consideration civil service regulations that govern jobs in government agencies, including the Sheriff’s Department.

Stony Point’s Moore said the elimination of 37 police jobs in the Sheriff’s Department, because of civil service rules, would in effect force the layoffs of deputies who work in special units. He said units such as the bomb squad, the county’s SWAT team, the river patrol, the arson investigations unit, crime scene unit and others would be effectively shut down by the layoffs.

Most Rockland County police departments use the investigative units of the Sheriff’s Department to assist with arson investigations, process crime scenes and at unusual incidents.

Orangetown Police Chief Kevin Nulty said the benefits to public safety from joint efforts between the Sheriff’s Department and local police forces sometimes are neither glamorous nor highly-publicized. At his department, Nulty said he was able to free up two police officers for other duties because Orangetown and the Sheriff’s Department coordinated their computer services.

Nulty said that for a department that has gone from about 100 police officers to about 80 through attrition over the years, freeing up two cops is a big deal. Additionally, members of the Sheriff’s Mounted Unit have been a regular part of the late-night scene in downtown Nyack on weekends, when large crowds hit the village’s nightspots.

In Spring Valley, where the Mounted Unit is also regularly deployed, Police Chief Paul Modica said the deputies on horseback assist village officers with keeping the peace in areas such as the village’s Hill section as well as in downtown areas. Modica said the Mounted Unit has become a part of the village’s efforts to prevent crime in neighborhoods that have long been associated with violent crime.

“We have been receiving grant money to work with the Sheriff’s Department,” Modica said. “This has been a direct benefit to our village. We are being paid to work with the Sheriff’s Department.”

Read the entire article at Nyack Free Press, complete with Stony Point Police Chief Brian Moore, president of the Rockland County Police Chiefs Association, issued a statement on behalf of the local police chiefs and a statement issued by the County Executive’s Office.


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Characters Will Hold Local Food Pantry Fundraiser Tuesday

Posted on 20 October 2014 by Editor

If you plan to eat out this week, think about Tuesday evening when Characters Bar & Resaurant in Sloatsburg holds a fundraiser to support the local Sloatsburg UMC Food Pantry. Continue Reading

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Spirit Day, Saturday Markets And More

Posted on 18 October 2014 by Editor

Friday was Spirit Day at Suffern High School, with many students dressed their spirited best. The Mountie football team didn’t fare well in its Friday night homecoming game under the lights, losing to Marmaroneck, but there’s always the Homecoming Dance Saturday night. Continue Reading

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Suffern Surprises Chief Osborn With Children’s Park Naming

Posted on 16 October 2014 by Editor

Suffern Mayor Trish Abato had just told the audience at its recent meeting that Orange Avenue Associates would not be pursuing a zone change from the village. The audience in the Suffern Auditorium was quiet a moment as if everyone exhaled, momentarily unburdened while calculating the news. Continue Reading

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Pine Grove Lakes Water Main Break

Posted on 15 October 2014 by Editor

PGLwatermainbreakAs sewer construction work creeps up hill in the Pine Grove Lakes neighborhood of Sloatsburg, lead contractor Montana Construction clipped a hidden water line Wednesday morning at 8 a.m.

Montana Construction and United Water work Tuesday to repair a water main break that took place during sewer construction.

Montana Construction and United Water work Wednesday to repair a water main break that took place during sewer construction.

The main sprayed water into the air at the top of Council Crest Road until Montana and United Water New York were able to shut off the flow.

Water in the Pine Grove neighborhood was shut down throughout the morning (currently water service for many PGL residents is still off) while United Water worked to repair the water main.

The Sloatsburg sewer project in Pine Grove is due to run through the end of 2014, with possible road paving scheduled for sometime in the spring, after the road settles from construction.

For more information on water service, call the Village of Sloatsburg office at 845/753-2727.


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Developer Appears To Pull Out Of Orange Avenue Over Projected Tax Payments

Posted on 15 October 2014 by Editor

The long, winding Orange Avenue road came to a dead end Tuesday when developer Orange Avenue Associates withdrew its request for a zone change from the Village of Suffern. Continue Reading

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