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Elected By Kiryas Joel, New Town Of Monroe Supervisor Proposes Split

Posted on 07 January 2014 by Editor

Election coverage for the Town of Monroe in Orange County / News 12

Election coverage for the Town of Monroe in Orange County / News 12

The odd case of Town of Monroe culture and politics took an interesting turn in the New Year.

In the recent three candidate race for Town of Monroe Supervisor, former town councilman Harley Doles won his controversial bid on the Democratic and Working Families tickets, earning roughly 375 votes from the entire town. Doles’ main opponent, United Monroe candidate Emily Convers, captured approximately 6,600 votes throughout the town. Continue Reading

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Fire And Ice And Safe Landings

Posted on 05 January 2014 by Editor

A small Piper plane made an emergency landing on the Cross Bronx Expressway Saturday afternoon/ NYC Fire Wire

A small Piper plane made an emergency landing on the Cross Bronx Expressway Saturday afternoon/ NYC Fire Wire

With the Hudson Valley chilled out in frosty winter weather, there were a few recent aerial-related odd incidents in other parts of New York state. Take the small plane that landed on the Major Deegan cross Bronx expressway Saturday evening, January 4, as an example. Continue Reading

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Firefighters Fan In New Year For Rockland’s First 2014 Fire

Posted on 02 January 2014 by Editor

Volunteer firefighters at Manhattan Beer Distributors in Montebello early New Year's day. / Mahwah Fire Department

Volunteer firefighters at Manhattan Beer Distributors in Montebello early New Year’s day. / Mahwah Fire Department

MONTEBELLO –  Bill Demarest, Nyack Free Press — Rockland County volunteer firefighters didn’t have to wait long to get their first fire of 2014.

A fire involving a piece of floor cleaning equipment at Manhattan Beer Distributors at 10 Dunnigan Drive – between the New York State Thruway and Route 59 near Airmont Road – filled portions of the company’s recycling warehouse with thick smoke at about 12:30 a.m. Continue Reading

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Ed Day Prepares For Office With Request For Letters Of Resignation

Posted on 27 December 2013 by Editor

Ed Day is scheduled to become the new Rockland County Executive when he’s sworn into office on New Year’s Day in a ceremony at the Rockland County Fire Training Center. Day has invited the public to attend the 11 a.m. inauguration, which will feature “first come, first served” seating.

This is not a ‘you’re terminated’ letter,” said Ed Day’s Chief of Staff Guillermo Rosa about the mid-December request for letters of resignation from Rockland County commissioners, department heads and political appointees.

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Rockland Votes

Posted on 04 November 2013 by Editor

Collage of Rockland County Executive campaign messages.

Collage of Rockland County Executive campaign messages.

The end is finally in sight for the Rockland County Executive candidates’ long winding race. After nearly 20 years, the county will say a collective hello to a new leader Tuesday evening.

Tuesday, November 5 is Election Day. Sloatsburgers and those in Poll Districts 4, 15, 39, & 48 cast ballots at the Sloatsburg Municipal Building. Polling opens at 6 a.m. and closes at 9 p.m. Ramapo Central Schools are closed on Election Day.

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Gambling On Gaming

Posted on 13 October 2013 by Editor

gamblingongamingWMNew York state voters will face a gambling ballot initiative this November, one supported in Albany by many in the NY legislature, including NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The age-old question faces voters — is gaming good for the local community and economy? Ryan Karben recently explored the gambling issue from the Rockland County tourism perspective.

Westchester & Rockland Left Out in Casino Cold

By Ryan Karben Continue Reading

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Newsday Rockland Shuts Down

Posted on 27 June 2013 by Editor

Knock knock. Who’s there? HR.

Reports first trickled across Twitter yesterday, June 5, and sure enough, big conglomerate Cablevision has pulled the plug on News12 digital sibling, Newsday Westchester/Rockland.

On Wednesday, Newsday’s Rockland news offering website went dark. Continue Reading

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Obscure State Law Destroying Local Schools

Posted on 16 May 2013 by Editor

Guest Editorial by Phil Tisi

School Districts Cut Into Reserves

While the state’s property tax cap is causing many school districts in New York State to exhaust their fund balances, an obscure, eleventh hour law passed by the Paterson Administration threatens to dismantle their educational programs.

For those of you who still think that New York State is “out of money”, a $350 tax rebate check will be mailed to one million New York families just three weeks before Election Day next year – what a coincidence! — Phil Tisi on Rockland school budget woes.

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Ramapo Reclaims Torne Valley With Ford Cleanup

Posted on 18 April 2013 by Editor

Local environmental educator and raconteur Chuck Stead remembers the days when he was just a boy in the mid-1960s and would wander the wonderland that was Torne Valley, setting small game traps. Stead, who grew up in Hillburn, NY, roamed the valley like it was his own back yard. Continue Reading

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From Politician To Pundit

Posted on 21 March 2013 by Editor

News travels fast these days. Sometimes it mainlines onto Facebook for friends and family to see, share and discuss. And more often than not, it bubbles up on Twitter, where news often becomes news before it becomes news.

“I think it’s an interesting entry point into the conversation that the community is having,” said Ryan Karben on the growing impact of Twitter on Rockland County politics and community action. “So much of the conversation in the community is online these days.”

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