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Watchtower Presents Global View At Tuxedo Town Hall

Posted on 24 March 2014 by Editor

Hundreds of brothers and sisters have come from all over the world on a sort of religious pilgrimage, joining together on a grand adventure to construct a new mother church headquarters in the woody surrounds of Orange County, NY. On Monday evening, the Watchtower organization will make its big reveal at the Tuxedo Town Hall related to the global scope of the Jehovah’s Witnesses grand facility on Long Meadow Road in Tuxedo and planned headquarters in Warwick.

jehovahsworkThe meeting begins at 7:30 p.m.

The Jehovah’s purchased some 250 acres in 2009 in Warwick and Tuxedo along Long Meadow, including the old International Paper 50 acre site.

The JW Tuxedo site at the former International Paper Company facility was given conditional approval in 2013 and has since then been a hive of activity. The site is being constructed as a support and staging area for the construction of the world headquarters for Jehovah’s Witnesses scheduled to be built just down Long Meadow Road in Warwick, and will contain housing, workshops and storage facilities for additional construction projects. The JW’s also purchased several buildings in Suffern to serve as temporary living quarters for church members coming from throughout the world to work on the massive construction project.

watchtowerIn 2004, Watchtower began moving publishing activities from its iconic Brooklyn property, the one with the giant Watchtower sign, complete with time and temperature read out, that stood for some 44 years as the Witnesses version of the Vatican. The  sale of the building and five other Dumbo (down under the bridge) properties was completed in 2013 for some $375 million dollars, with the building’s due to become part of Brooklyn’s growing tech triangle that includes the Brooklyn Navel yard and other downtown areas.

The enormous Wallkill Watchtower headquarters is the center of the religious organization’s printing and shipping operations. The Warwick world headquarters facility is scheduled to house some 800 Witnesses who will live and work at the there and is scheduled to include an office building, a services building, and four residence buildings spread out over 45 acres of wooded wetlands. A museum documenting the modern-day history of Jehovah’s Witnesses is also planned.

Monday’s presentation at Tuxedo Town Hall will include an overview by Watchtower on the global scope of Jehovah’s Witnesses efforts, including current and future use of the Long Meadow Road facility in Tuxedo.


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16 Comments For This Post

  1. Alex Says:

    Jehovah always loved nice buildings and breaking up families.
    Remember brothers and sisters to follow the direction of the ‘governing body’ without question.

  2. alan viney Says:

    Any other business just gets on with it as its no big deal these days to create new buildings. The JWs feel it is something wonderful they have done and could not have done it without God’s help lol

  3. Ryan Says:

    Amazing that this work is carried out via voluntary donations; both financial and physical. That isn’t done to the scale anywhere else.

  4. Jim Says:

    The difference is ALL this work is done by non paid volunteers. They are happy to so it. nobody is forcing them to do anything.

  5. Jason Says:

    I often hear JWs break up families. Could those who have been shunned come back again if they mend their ways? If yes, then they’re one big happy family once again.

  6. Doug Says:

    I have been following the activity of the JWs from 1974. Their real work is focused on helping others come to know our creator and his son. Their non paid volunteer’s help with disaster relief and home visits is beyond compare in our world. This is clear evidence that Jesus and his father are clearly guiding them. This project is necessary because so many are flocking into their organization to help with the work started by Jesus, to let his father’s name Jehovah be known world wide. John 17:3,6.

  7. Pierina Says:

    It certainly is a blessing to be part of Jehovah’s Spiritual Family knowing that this building working will continue right into Jehovah’s Promised New World. Much building work and so many volunteers needed to house all resurrected ones along with the influx of interested ones even right now. Being able to Live to see this expansion is certainly a blessing and not to be taken for granted. I count it as a wonderful privilege and blessing that Jehovah has drawn me to his marvelous family of hard working brothers and sisters.

  8. Dwain Says:

    Just be sure and never have any questions about the JW’s past, or even have a small doubt about whatever the wonderful governing body proclaims as new light, it will get you shunned and marked as apostate. It’s so funny how much money they are making from the sale of all the building in NYC, yet begging for more money to build this fancy shinny new buildings in Warwick, and major work in many other places. And along the way all of a sudden pulling the rug out from old times that have been working hard in the volunteer service, finding themselves out in the cold when they hit 70! Plus all the branches being closed around the world, is any of the money being returned to people that gave their hard earned money? NO!

  9. Anne Says:

    I did notice one error in the article. It was not $375 million dollars from the sale of the NY property. It is over $ONE Billion (with a B) Do$$ars. And they still have some property not sold yet.

    Jehovah really blessed the Jehovah’s Witnesses with a huge influx of money!

    It’s too bad so much of it will be spent in pay-offs to child abuse victims due to their “two witness” rule. That’s right, unless two people witnessed the sexual abuse, it never happened.

    You might want to ask your Elders how many undisclosed pedophiles there are in your congregation.

    My advice to parents is don’t trust your children alone with any male or female Witness in the Congregation. Child abuse will change their life forever. Please protect them. They are innocent little lambs who will probably not be able to tell you what has been done to them.

    I know because I am one. I never told anyone until I was well over 30 years old.

  10. Laurie Says:

    It is wonderful to have a share in volunteering to help with construction projects with our friends. It is a privilege to belong to a global family that rally together to make these projects happen. Despite some of the negative remarks about us, we who love our Creator know the blessings of our brotherhood and cherish who we are:)

  11. Ted Fowler Says:

    Job 4:18, 19

  12. patti Says:

    As usual people with negative ideas do not have all the facts and do not know Jehovah and Jehovah doesn’t know them and never will unless they take the time to know him

  13. marci Says:

    Dear friends,

    Please notice the bitter scourges from those (typical of those with no personal humility, and are unteachable wrong doers) who have been disciplined and missed it’s purpose.

    So much so contrasted with the joyful expressions of the two women just above this comment. Happy are Jehovah’s people. They stand out everywhere as clean morally and physically. Joyful as brothers working side-by-side. It is true that no fornicators or thieves, liars, contentious bickerers, greedy, self-centered, gluttonous, homosexuals or prostitutes or any other unsavory characters are welcome among us. Remember, “Bad associations spoil useful habits”. If our associates are wholesome minded, then we will be too.

    Is it no wonder that, as the world becomes more and more selfish and loveless, that Jehovah is taking out of it “a people for his name”. People who hate the miserable fearful things taking place on the earth today and are willing to change their ways to God’s standards so that we may live in peace, earth united. We are expanding so fast we very much need this huge undertaking to provide for our spiritual welfare and direction as God’s incoming Kingdom unites and develops. We have such a need for thousands of new Kingdom Halls. Ours has four different congregations using it. Others have seven. Standing room only. So much to do. So little time. But don’t we LOVE it, my friends??!!!!

  14. AverageJoeMama Says:

    How long does a Jehovah’s Witness typically volunteer for? Six months? A year? How long do most work at the Warwick/Tuxedo site?

  15. Editor Says:

    The duration of volunteer service depends on individual circumstances and needs during the time of the volunteers’ stay.

  16. clearcutter Says:

    Are they landing airplanes or space ships on the property? What’s with all the clear-cutting of forestland?

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