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Vote for your local library budget

Posted on 26 March 2017 by Editor

Both the Suffern and Sloatsburg Libraries serve as busy hubs of community activity, providing programs and services to kids and adults alike.

Tuesday, March 28, will see both libraries put their proposed 2018 budgets to a vote. Residents of the Rampo Central School District who are registered to vote are encouraged to drop in at either the Suffern Free Library or Sloatsburg Public Library and vote.

Sloatsburg’s proposed budget will increase some 2.5% to a taxable budget of $384,728 and total budget of $404,076 (grants, fines, fees, and donations contribute a small portion to the library’s income. Click here to view the budget and information.

Welcome to the new Sloatsburg Library Teen Room, a quiet, private space for kids to work and chill.

As most Sloatsburgers know, the SPL is a valued community asset that serves as an educational and cultural hub. With recent Ramapo Central School District cuts that eliminated elementary school librarians, the SPL has picked up the slack, providing even more books, programming and services to young learners.

The SPL has also made some significant and important improvements thanks to a NY State Construction Grant — including the complete renovation of the chapel room, upgraded restrooms and the addition of a 50s diner-themed Teen Room.

Show your love for learning and the library. Vote on the 2018 budget so that the Sloatsburg Library can continue to serve the community as a vital, valued educational and cultural center.


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  1. E Smith Says:

    A $400k budget – makes you wonder if individual village level libraries are worth the expense? There are approx 1000 households in Sloatsburg. Would the average taxpayer rather have the Sloatsburg library or an annual check of $400? Seems like an easy choice since I’ve got to get my hair done! On the few occasions I go there the place is about as crowded as an all-vegan grocery store in West Virginia. Also, is the “Teen Room” creepy as sin or what?

  2. Sissy Says:

    The Village Library is a plus.Sure it would be nice to have an extra few dollars, but at what cost to me.Presently, I have the ability to take a walk and get a book or dvd if I choose. Can’t walk to Suffern.The Library is accommodating, friendly and a great place for our children to learn to enjoy reading etc. We have little enough in Sloatsburg and as mentioned I feel it is necessity.

  3. Liz Says:

    E Smith – what a bizarre thing to say!? Clearly you don’t patronize the local library or value what it brings to the community. The elementary schools have lost the librarians – the local library brings programs and classes and fills that void. The staff do so much for the community at large, it’s not just a job to them.

    Yes we are a small community and should save and preserve whatever good things we have going for us; this includes our local library. A strong public library is an integral part of a community!

  4. Peter Akey Says:

    I think we have the best library in the country. The staff works tirelessly providing a clean, safe, and modern environment for its residents especially for the children. The hours are outstanding, any book you ask for, if it is not at this branch, will be ordered for you in a very timely manner. The computers are top notch, you can even borrow a whole host of videos to binge watch for a fraction of the cost on Netflix or Hulu…. Free! Our branch is run extremely efficient even down to the LED lighting. Many upgrades were done through grants, which kept the costs to the residents to a minimum. I could go on for hours with praises…. Great Job Sloatsburg Library keep up the great work

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