Tuxedo Hudson Company Kicks Off Corridor Campaign

Posted on 04 February 2016 by Editor

Michael Bruno's new Tuxedo Hudson Company kicked off a billboard promotion campaign along the Tuxedo/Sloatsburg corridor.

Michael Bruno’s new Tuxedo Hudson Company kicked off a billboard promotion campaign along the Tuxedo/Sloatsburg corridor, announcing that something is coming this way soon. 

The splashy billboards were just raised along Route 17 with a ‘Coming Soon’ message, but the Tuxedo Hudson Company has already made a local impact in Tuxedo and Sloatsburg.

Michael Bruno’s new lifestyle company has captured the trail town vibe by announcing a new gateway community adventure for this area that might include everything from a company store in downtown Tuxedo to dining, antiquing and the sporting life.

And Sloatsburg is a part of the THC plan.


THC has already bought the historic 10-acre Stewart Farm on Route 17 in north Sloatsburg, known locally as the old greenhouse, and plans to restore the property as a destination and working farm.

THC has already bought the historic 10-acre Stewart Farm on Route 17 in north Sloatsburg, known locally as the old greenhouse. Bruno’s company envisions restoring the property as a working farm that will also serve “as a bucolic backdrop for weekend antique shows, Hudson Valley farmers markets and private events.”

The company also has a contract on a village center property.

Bruno’s Tuxedo Park home and efforts in the Sloatsburg/Tuxedo corridor were recently covered in an article by Heidi Mitchell in the New York Post.

The Tuxedo Hudson undertaking includes a just-launched Realty arm that will reside in the company’s planned market headquarters that Bruno hopes will help sale the area as it develops.

Locals who live in the Ramapo Mountains, surrounded by green parks, can forget how attractive the area is for visitors. The Bruno plan is bold and could provide a catalyst for economic growth for the Western Ramapo region and Tuxedo, acting as a magnet for homegrown arts and crafts and foodie culture

Bruno’s THC launch dovetails with a nascent local revitalization movement that is looking at ways to enhance Sloatsburg’s Village center in ways that improve quality of life and make it more economically attractive for businesses.


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  1. Liz Says:

    This is so exciting and so very needed in this area. Just hope the naysayers don’t shoot it down. Controlled growth and progress is what is needed!

  2. Suzy Allman Says:

    Nice to see what’s being proposed here, and that it’s in response to a demand for closer-to-home weekend excursions from the city.

    Half the reason we started the Tuxedo-Harriman shuttle was to figure out what visitors to Harriman State Park were looking for, and what they needed. After half a season of running the bus through the park, we felt we’d learned a lot about who was coming out, and It was really a surprise to us. Many of our riders were European tourists who were used to using trains to get from an urban area to the outdoors (trails, towns, etc). I’d say, these tourists made up nearly a third of our riders. But by far the most were youngish couples on dates, people who lived in the city but on the weekend wanted an easy, car-less route away from the crowds and into the Harriman hills. They also wanted every piece of information they could get on how to do it alone (eg, without guides or groups). They want a decent — no, a really good — cup of coffee, from a Hudson Valley roaster and not a Starbucks. They want Hudson Valley beer, cheese, baked goods, because it’s local and authentic. They absolutely loved the Tuxedo Farmer’s Market.

    Bruno’s project seems to be aimed right at the heart of this market, which seems to be, young-ish “urbaneers” and explorers who maybe don’t have time to escape for a full week, but can’t wait to do something exciting on the weekend, in a place that’s authentically Hudson Valley, that’s not impossible to get to and return from. I think Bruno’s also tuned in to what his market is (and as we learned from the shuttle, it’s not always what you assume it is).

    I can’t wait to see how this develops.

  3. John Kwasnicki Says:

    This Bruno’s Town of Tuxedo-Village of Sloatsburg economic growth plan,in my opinion, first major study should be openly look at both the latest Town of Tuxedo and the Village of Sloatsburg, Master Plan’s and Zoning Code’s,prepared by the same AICP Planner.
    One would think these adjoining communities elected officials would have adopted both NYS Town and Village Law’s -Intermunicipal Cooperation in Comprehensive Planning and Land Use Regulation’s …that could have included a professional public opinion questionnaire as to their vision of Land Use build out to Circulation System, Development Patterns and full Protection to the Ramapo River a Sole Source Aquifer. But this did not happen and the public has been caught up in costly and questionable Town and Village Comprehensive Plans (Master Plans) and Zoning Code’s dead ends.
    I wonder what Mr. Bruno thinks about the Town of Tuxedo, Tuxedo Farms PUD
    development of 1,195 mixed housing units and new Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) of 311,000GPD location site along the Ramapo River or the proposed Town of Ramapo- Woodmont Hills 380 housing units just south of the Sloatsburg border as to increased more traffic on the NYSDOT Route 17 ?

    It is suggested, that Mr. Bruno plan use, be an transparently reach out to both the Town of Tuxedo and the Village of Sloatsburg public population in submitting the Bruno -THC -Plan concepts with a number of Public meetings.

  4. Editor Says:

    Your suggestions are part of the map for community participation. Though there is no master book that contains all rules and regulations for civic life.

    Land use issues are complex for sure, with many moving parts.

    Public participation is important. Must disagree about Master Plans and Zoning dead ends. The fact that the Village has both Zoning Codes and a Comprehensive Plan is testament to public participation and community planning.

    Agree, public meetings encourage conversation and participation in what a community thinks it is and wants to be. Sloatsburg is in a strong position to continue to define itself, and this part of Western Ramapo and the Pass.

  5. John Kwasnicki Says:

    The suggestion to have the bordering Town of Tuxedo and the Village of Sloatsburg to use the NYS Town Law S: 284 and Village Law S: 7-741 -Intermunicipal Cooperation in Comprehensive Planning and Land Use Regulations over their questionable Comprehensive Plan’s (Master Plan) ?
    Was to save cost and time processing, since Tuxedo and Sloatsburg had the AICP Planner and both had the same Central Business District,AICP Planners.
    Both Town and Village Zoning Code’s would have been in accordance to such Intermunicipal Master Plan.
    Master Plan-Example(s): Why has the Sloatsburg Master Plan taken so long to process from 1999 through 2007 and is now subject to be updated after nearly ten (10) years. Isn’t true that the Town of Tuxedo Master Plan 2010 that took place of the 1973 Master Plan, has no NYSDEC Wild, Scenic, Recreation River Act to the Ramapo River for added water protection ?

    Zoning Examples: Why wound the 2007 Sloatsburg Zoning Code’s promote the Village Center VC-2 Zoning in a 11 acre vacant land site that is known as the Oakbrook Shopping Center and in a 100/500 year FEMA floodplain would safeguard from future flooding or stormwater from the Ramapo River and Nakoma Brook relating to a new Shopping Center or Senior Citizen Housing ?
    Some years ago I submitted an Rockland County Open Space Acquisition application on this very same 11 acre site and was not accepted.
    When the Sloatsburg 2007 Zoning Code was prepared there was no Sloatsburg Comprehensive Plan Committee in this processing that included the new MU-1
    Residential/Neighborhood Commercial mixed Zoning District that include Farms Market use permitted.
    The now Bruno- THC plans just might be related to the Sloatsburg VC-2 and MU-1 zoning that are questionable as to the NYSDOT Route 17 traffic volume
    and protecting the Ramapo River drinking water for Rockland County?

    Over all the Intermunicipal Master Planning between the Town of Tuxedo and the Village of Sloatsburg when inactive could have prevented the past/future Sovereignty of the Peoples Communities.

  6. Editor Says:

    Appreciate the contributions. No one is preventing the Sovereignty of Peoples doing anything, best I can tell.

    According to your circular logic, the Village of Sloatsburg shouldn’t actually exist.

  7. John Kwasnicki Says:

    As a lifelong resident of Sloatsburg and served a a Village Planning & Village Board Trustee ..I know all the in’s and out’s of the Sloatsburg Family that has has produced a phony 2007 Master Plan and Zoning Code prepared by AICP ( American Institute of Certified Planners ) Planning Ink pushers that ARE NOT NYS LICENSED or under NYS CIVIL SERVICE TESTING, but tested by the APA (American Planning Association – non- profit).
    I was a APA member for nine (9) years that ended when the NY Chapter West
    (Orange/Rockland APA members) did not hold pre-TZBridge comment meetings.
    The APA so experts have said by the year 3000 United Sates will have a Billion population..That’s controlled Growth ?

    Any new developer can research the 2007 Sloatsburg Master and Zoning Code,before purchasing properties to take a hard look at the real story in the public hearing comments as to the adopted NYSDEC SEQRA (State Environmental Quality Review Act) in accordance with section 617-9 and 617.10…Draft/Final Environmental Impact Statement(s), these documents show what the public comments and the RCDPlanning GML 239 comments on such Master Plans and Zoning Codes.

    Since Sloatsburg became a Village in 1929 its SOVEREIGNTY has be challenged
    by the building of the 1955 NY Thruway that was to reduce NYSDOT Rt.17 of
    high traffic, not the case at all and then added 1969 Sterling Mine Road that was Sloatsburg resident questioned as to its access location design to and from Rt.17 and its questionable housing development in its R.O.Way?
    One has to wonder why the Sloatsburg Planning Board approval of the 2005 Tuxedo Reserve/Farms Private Road (Quail Road) is not in the Sloatsburg 2007 Master Plan that will add more traffic flow from such development accessing from the Town of Tuxedo?

    Sloatsburg’s first 1955 Master Plan included a proposed off Rt.17 Urban Renewal Project in having a Shopping Center,Sewage Treatment Facility, Civic Center, Senior Housing, and a Village Western By-Pass road, but was shot down by the then Sloatsburg family !

    As a US Navy Korean/Cold War Veteran I think I did my part in the SOVEREIGNTY of Sloatsburg and the Ramapo River Valley vs Sandbox Diplomacy Planning!

  8. Editor Says:

    Thanks much for the comment. Would like to see a copy of that 1955 Sloatsburg Master Plan, especially as it pertains to Route 17.

    With the NY Thruway and Route 17 running through it, Sloatsburg certainly has some of its sovereignty challenged. It has to negotiate with the NYDOT to do anything with Route 17, the Village’s defacto Mainstreet.

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