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Sloatsburg’s Big Tent Chamber Event

Posted on 09 November 2017 by Editor

The Sloatsburg Chamber of Commerce hosted an early November weekend big tent event to introduce members to the community.

Sloatsburgers and more showed up for the Big Tent event held this past Sunday, November 5, at Valley Rock Inn. Even with the misty weather that threatened rain, the Sloatsburg Chamber of Commerce-sponsored community meet- and-greet was a successful reboot for the organization.

The chamber Big Tent event also gave Valley Rock Inn an opportunity to show off it’s comfortable side yard and tent area to Sloatsburg, complete with seasonal fire pits stoked with plenty of wood.

The Tuxedo Hudson Company hosts the Tuxedo Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, November 9, at Valley Rock Inn Bike Shop at 6:30 p.m. in Sloatsburg, NY. Sloatsburg Chamber members are invited. 

Visitors to the Sloatsburg Chamber event at Valley Rock Inn’s side yard were greeted by a few furry friends from Stella’s Barn and Boarding.

Visitors were greeted by a group furry friends from Stella’s Farm, including a miniature Shetland pony, goat and giant rabbit. Stella’s offers a mix of animal rescue, animal therapy and other activities at its home base 107 acre of pasture and wetlands in New Jersey.

Popular trio the Hip Replacements entertained the crowd at the Sloatsburg Chamber event … here pictured with Barbara Berntsen, president of the Friends of Harmony Hall and instrumental in helping to revive the chamber.

The Hip Replacements played to chamber members and visitors who gathered under the big tent.

The Big Tent event was an opportunity for the Sloatsburg Chamber of Commerce to introduce members to the wider Sloatsburg community. The next step for the chamber will be to convene to slate leadership candidates and continue to connect local businesses to the community at large.

If you’re a small business owner, individual, group, or part of a community organization and want to contribute to the voice of the Sloatsburg business community, think about joining by writing the Sloatsburg Chamber of Commerce, 84 Orange Tpke, Sloatsburg, NY 10974.

Visitors to the Sloatsburg Chamber big tent event hang out in the Valley Rock Inn side yard, which featured a series a fire pits to lend some warmth to the misty Sunday afternoon.


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