Sloatsburger Darrell L. Frasier Runs For Ramapo Central School Board

Posted on 19 April 2017 by Editor

Sloatsburg is one of the anchor communities in the Ramapo Central School District. The community has had a local school since before the Village was incorporated in 1929, with the old Sloatsburg Union Free School established in 1870 in operation until 1943, when the Sloatsburg Elementary School opened in its present location.

Since Thomas Bollatto retired from the School Board several years ago, Sloatsburg has not been represented on the Board of Education.

Darrell L. Frasier hopes to change that on Tuesday, May 16, with his candidacy for school board when Ramapo Central voters go to the polls to vote for the budget, three ballot propositions and two school board seats.

A former Police Officer in North Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC, Frasier became one of the first Police Officers in South Carolina to become D.A.R.E certified (the Drug Abuse Resistance Education) and also worked as a school system liaison officer.

Frasier, A Sloatsburger who is chair of the Sloatsburg Revitalization Committee and an active Trustee of the Sloatsburg Library, said he is excited about the opportunity to serve the larger community. His efforts to help make improvements on Sloatsburg’s municipal properties and to revitalize the corridor communities is a good complement to the current direction of the Ramapo Central board Strategic Planning Committee, which is focused on community outreach to improve enrollments.

“Sloatsburg Elementary School is such a vital part of Sloatsburg and Hillburn,” said Frasier. “The school is both a beacon that helps draw residents and a center of education and community. A healthy community school is such an important asset, and I’m sure the folks in Suffern, Airmont and Monetebello feel the same about their elementary schools.”

Frasier said that Ramapo Central is a very dynamic district, with highly rated schools that offer students every advantage. Selling parents and students on the schools is the easier part, he said. One of the tasks at hand, Frasier said, is to convince people who want to move into the area to live or open a business that all of our communities have bright futures.


Ramapo Central School District registered voters go to the polls on Tuesday, May 16, from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. to vote on the 2017-18 budget and for two open school board seats.


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  1. Joseph Diaz Says:

    Thomas Donnelly, Sloatsburg resident, Town of Ramapo Police Officer and current Suffern High School DARE Officer is also running along with Paul Shapiro, former Assistant Principal at Suffern High School.

  2. Peter Akey Says:

    I personally know Mr. Frasier and Mr. Donnelly, I feel they both will make fine additions to the Ramapo Central School Board. A FYI, some members of the current school board are advocating the closing of Cherry Lane or Sloatsburg Elementary schools as a quick fix to solve some budgetary concerns. I feel that this is the wrong direction to go in. Pitting one community against another to save a few bucks is not going to help the children or the communities they serve. Both candidates to my knowledge are not in favor of closing any schools. These two candidates with their expertise will be bringing new innovative ideas that will enhance our already fantastic school district.

  3. Sissy Says:

    But there are three candidates from Sloatsburg that are running for only two spaces. ??!!

  4. Editor Says:

    There are three candidates in total running for the Ramapo Central School Board … two are Sloatsburg residents and one hails from Suffern. Two seats are available in the Tuesday, May 16, election.

  5. Sissy Says:

    Thank you for the correction.

  6. Dave Veraja Says:

    Perhaps the board could consider closing the administration building, rather than spending more taxes maintaining and repairing this building, perhaps it could be re-purposed for senior housing. Administration offices could be split up and placed in the various schools. This would also allow the administrative staff
    direct contact and supervision of our schools on a daily basis.

  7. Editor Says:

    Why would you shutter the administration building?

    Not certain you have considered the wider implications of such a move. Who would pay for this proposed senior housing (which is a nice thought but a costly reality)? Look over the district budget and digest where the cost centers are … 69% of the budget involves teacher salary and benefits. Buildings and grounds costs absorb 6%.

    As always, thanks for the participation.

  8. Dave Veraja Says:

    Well of course the school district would not be operating senior housing, but that was just a quick thought upon sale of property it could possibly become [senior housing] which is needed for seniors wishing to stay in the area without the tax burden. I was also replying to another post which suggested some board members may be considering shuttering a school and displacing students as a cost saving measure. With access to the internet a central administration building may not be needed anymore. I further thought it may be a big plus having administration in daily contact with the students and faculty. I believe this would possibly further enhance our school district.

  9. Editor Says:

    While I appreciate the thought, I’m currently a firm advocate that current in-use RCSD buildings remain in the possession and in use for the Public School District.

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